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Herbal Pest Control | Herbal Pest Control Service Mumbai | Herbal Pest Control Navi Mumbai, Thane

Founded in 2010 on the principles of providing safe and quality Herbal pest control services in Mumbai, Herbal Pest Control (HPC) has rid hundreds of premises of pests, in and around Mumbai in the last 10 years. We bring an innovative and ground-breaking approach to the Pest Control Service industry. We use Biorational Pesticides that cause NO harm to humans, animals and the environment.

Over the past 15 years Herbal Pest Control (HPC) have emerged as the “Go For” Pest control Service Providers in Mumbai for a wide range of clients that include Housing Societies, Commercial Business Hubs, Manufacturing Units, Engineering Units, Pharma Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, Dairy & Poultry Farms, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, Cinema Halls/Auditoriums, IT Company Office, Schools & Coaching Centres, Hospitals & Clinics. We started as local pest control service providers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai and Thane Area and have rapidly expanded our services to cover the entire Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Thane Area.

Complete Solution for all types of PESTS. We offer extermination services for all types of pests – Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Ants, Rodents, Birds, Termites, Flies & Snakes.

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herbal pest control
herbal pest control

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